• The Team

    The Team

Resolutions Employment Agency Ltd consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees.

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  • Sharon Achillea
  • Jennifer Achillea
  • Vanessa Packham
  • Andrew Sherville
  • Sharon Achillea

    Sharon Achillea


    0203 468 1115
    07539 161668

    Specialist areas:

    Not for Profit and Private Sector - specialising in Senior Managment and Professional roles

    Sharon has worked within both the Recruitment and Training/Education industries in excess of 20 years. Having worked at Senior level, Sharon sets high standards on customer satisfaction and understands the importance of really understanding business needs to get the right skills.

    With extensive experience of working with not for profit, public and private organisations, Sharon understands the different cultures and is able to support different teams and organisations to get the perfect candidates. Sharon works with many sectors and industries and has successfully placed Senior Post Holders and Professionals in key strategic roles.

    Equally, supporting candidates in understanding the organisation, role and the people that they will potentially work with allows the candidate valuable insight when making a decision to apply for a role.

    Sharon also appreciates the benefits of going the extra mile and not just providing recruitment services, Sharon says “Resolutions Employment Agency provides the ‘Recruitment Arm’ to the organisations we work with and as such, the reliance and confidence that we gain from our valued customers is built on trust and delivering the service needed”.

  • Jennifer Achillea

    Jennifer Achillea

    Operations Director

    Tel: 0203 468 1115

    Jennifer has worked within the HR industry for over 10 years and has experience of recruitment for a wide range of industries for both Public and Private sector.

    Jennifer has a personable and customer focussed approach to supporting both employers and candidates and works alongside both parties to ensure that the vacancy is filled with the ideal candidate.

    Her experience of HR expands further than recruitment and Jennifer utilises her experience of employee relations, payroll and employer legislation within her role and advises companies on ensuring that recruitment is undertaken without discrimination.

    With a wide knowledge of different roles, Jennifer specialises in recruiting for administration and professional vacancies.

  • Vanessa Packham

    Vanessa Packham


    Vanessa's key skills include the recruitment of skilled personnel specialising in supporting the education sector, although Contracts and Compliance is also one of Vanessa's main areas of expertise.

    Vanessa also takes pride in identifying truly outstanding talent, sourcing far and wide to find just the right subject matter specialist her clients are looking for. Whether you are looking for business strategy & leadership, sales & relationship management, staff management or high level administration staff through to teachers, trainers, assessors or quality assurance staff, we are confident that Vanessa can support this.

    Vanessa has 20 years of experience working within the recruitment sector working alongside employers, helping them to meet both their staff recruitment and staff training needs. Successfully providing solutions and opportunities leading to added value for the business she has engaged with.

  • Andrew Sherville

    Andrew Sherville

    Consultant - People Profiling

    Andrew’s interest in psychometrics and profiling was born while studying Psychology for a social science degree at Southampton University. He has maintained this interest and worked as an end-user and consultant since 1985. His experience with profiling extends from simple recruitment assignments in UK & Europe, to extensive regional profiling projects in Asia. Andrew has profiled individuals from a wide variety of countries and cultures in many scenarios including recruitment, selection, job-fit, compatibility, succession planning and career guidance.

    Prior to focusing on Profiling, Andrew worked across the world for 30 years with leading international companies. This career covered a wide spectrum of roles including training, business development, key account management, global marketing and senior regional management. This variety of roles and geographies, in which Andrew deployed profiling tools, formed a strong and diverse profiling knowledge-base.

    People Profiling

    The smart and fast way to understand the behavioural fundamentals of an individual

    Profiling for individuals

    Profiling is a great tool to focus yourself for job hunting and interviews. Personal profiling enables you to improve your self-awareness, understand your strengths, be wise to potential limitations and know the impact you have on others.

    Profiling for businesses

    Useful non-subjective assessment tool for HR and recruiting managers that saves time and money. Look beyond what the candidate is telling you and uncover the real behaviour you will see in the workplace. Quickly benchmark and spot internal talent. Optimise training and individualise your management approach. Save money and time by avoiding failed recruitment and internal appointments. All this with a 10 minute assessment tool!

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