• Business Coaching

    Business Coaching

REA. Business Coaching

Sometimes you just need someone to talk to in Business. Your may have plans to expand and don’t know the next step, you may need to consolidate and need to talk it through.

Our Coaching Service provides 3 strands –

  • Business Growth and Strategy
  • Staff – Change / Motivation / Team Building
  • Individual Professional Development – Job Coaching/ Career Coaching
Business Growth & Strategy

Business Growth & Strategy

Take the time out needed to look at your business with an impartial but experienced Business Coach. Do you want to expand? Do you need to consolidate your current business? What is your end game and how are you going to get there?

These are some of the things that our Business Coach can work with you on. Call us today and we can talk through your options.



Change / Motivation / Team Building

Whatever your current situation is, are your staff teams on board? Do you take time to update them on the business? Sometimes we are so busy doing the business, we forget our biggest asset.

We can support you on strategies to motivate and build teams or if things are not quite right, we can work with you on how to change things. We can offer some Team Building options, including some of our online training to aid the process.

Our Business Coach will discuss with you in a fully confidential setting the best way forward.

Individual Professional Development

Individual Professional Development

Job Coaching / Career Coaching

Do you need support on your next role or how to get up the career ladder? Are you happy in you current role but need so support and don’t know how to approach it?

We offer impartial advice and guidance on job and careers.

Call us to discuss what support you need and we will put a package together that suits you.

People Profiling

People Profiling

The smart and fast way to understand the behavioural fundamentals of an individual

Profiling for individuals

Profiling for individuals

Profiling is a great tool to focus yourself for job hunting and interviews. Personal profiling enables you to improve your self-awareness, understand your strengths, be wise to potential limitations and know the impact you have on others.

Profiling for businesses

Profiling for businesses

Useful non-subjective assessment tool for HR and recruiting managers that saves time and money. Look beyond what the candidate is telling you and uncover the real behaviour you will see in the workplace. Quickly benchmark and spot internal talent. Optimise training and individualise your management approach. Save money and time by avoiding failed recruitment and internal appointments. All this with a 10 minute assessment tool!

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